Based on current discoveries, I predict the following trends in exoplanetary systems. Location / likelihood of Earth-like planets: For systems with stars similar to the sun (K, G, F): in systems with with rocky planets: Earth mass planets tend to form or migrate into orbits much 10-20x closer than the estimated habitable zone.  Gas/ice giants […]

the problem: Medical care is expensive and inaccessible. the cause: Health care is expensive because of the existence of health insurance. There are two ways insurance drives up the cost. First, it removes the “direct to consumer” pricing approach, masking costs from the beneficiary, thereby reducing market pressure to keep prices down. The second reason is more […]

Their goal is to emphasize to everyone that credit reports mean EVERYTHING. In other words, we shouldn’t get married, hire employees, look for a job, buy a car, a bike, a cellphone, or make ANY life decisions without first paying Experian to run a credit report.

CO2 contributed by all human sources yearly: ~27,245 CO2 contributed by all road-bound motor vehicles yearly: ~693 CO2 contributed by United States road-bound motor vehicles yearly: ~333 Percent man-made CO2 attributabe to all road-bound vehicles: ~2.5% Percent global CO2 production attributable to all road-bound vehicles: ~0.13% What do these numbers mean? To say that cars […]