blaming cars…

lower emissions than a hybrid.

the devil in black

CO2 contributed by all human sources yearly: ~27,245

CO2 contributed by all road-bound motor vehicles yearly: ~693

CO2 contributed by United States road-bound motor vehicles yearly: ~333

Percent man-made CO2 attributabe to all road-bound vehicles: ~2.5%

Percent global CO2 production attributable to all road-bound vehicles: ~0.13%

What do these numbers mean?

To say that cars make a significant contribution to global carbon-dioxide levels would be patently false.  Forcing automobile manufacturers to spends billions of dollars reducing their already insignificant carbon-dioxide emissions is nothing more than a political stunt with no benefit to consumers or taxpayers.  Even if every American was to replace their gasoline car tomorrow with a natural gas, electric, or hydrogen car, the impact on global carbon-dioxide emissions would be as close as makes no difference to absolutely nothing.

If we’re going to get all excited about climate change, why don’t we do something that actually makes a difference?  That’s because CO2 regulation on cars isn’t about climate change, it’s just an excuse to abuse and harass people who dare to drive nice cars.   

(1) Numbers approximate and in millions of tons


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